VOS Schott awarded with a certificate „New Quality of Work“Audit: VOS Schott GmbH – stepping into the future as a team

The VOS Schott GmbH has successfully completed the first stage of the audit “sustainable corporate culture” of the initiative “new quality of work” of the German Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs. Today they received their certificate for the aforementioned program.

The leader of the company Angelika Freier decided that the company should take part in the program, to develop their company skills :“the INQA-audit is our way of reacting to new conditions and influencing factors of the increasing digitization of our work environment. Our objectives are not only to be able to improve the way we see our present situation but also to be able to work out strategies, that will help us in the future, within our team.”

VOS Schott awarded with a certificate „New Quality of Work“

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In the current play time VOS Schott is sponsoring local soccer clubs.

The target of our engagement is the youth development, but also we wish sporting success to all teams in the season 2018/2019!



VOS-Anzeige zu 125 Jahre Freiwillige Feuerwehr Nieder-Weisel This Weekend the 125th anniversary of the foundation of the volunteer fire department of Nieder-weisel will be celebrated: Congratulation!


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Calibration in regular intervals with corresponding documentation is essential for a smooth production process and for a constant product quality. To assure an optimal heat transfer we offer the professional cleaning of your heat exchanger with iimmedate effect.

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The traditional company VOS Schott from Butzbach in central Hesse is a solid-sized company in plant engineering for the food industry, pet food and pharmaceuticals.

Since 1 April 2017, the company has been under the overall responsibility of Business Studies graduate Angelika Freier, the current commercial manager.

Philipp Meinecke is at her side as technical manager, CTO and authorised signatory. He is the contact person for all customers and network partners in matters concerning technical topics.