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Over the past few decades, VOS Schott has established itself as a leading provider in the European market when it comes to the sterilisation and pasteurisation of food, pet food and pharmaceuticals by means of full-water and cascading autoclaves. Our strength lies in individuality, meaning that we adapt our autoclaves to your requirements. Our customers come from trade and industry sectors. Depending on your requirements, we offer kettle autoclaves for small and medium-sized businesses from 150 l volumes or cascading autoclaves which have a cylinder capacity of up to 590 l. In the horizontal cascading and steam autoclaves sector, we deliver market-leading technology alongside our partner Steriflow, which offers cylinders of up to 2.3 m in diameter. We also, of course, supply appropriate loading accessories for loading and unloading.

Let us help you choose the autoclave that is right for you.

VOSS PRAKTIK kettle autoclave

Our VOSS kettle autoclave belongs to the tried and tested PRAKTIK-100 range and is used for boilingcooking with positive and negative pressure (vacuum), as well as pasteurising and sterilising in the water bath method. The body, made entirely of stainless steel, meets the hygienic standards for all production areas. The chamfered cover plate and height-adjustable feet reduce injuries and ensure an optimal working environment. The separate switch box can be mounted on a wall. The safety relief valve is supplied factory-mounted and sealed, while a pressure gauge indicates positive and negative pressure. The temperature is controlled by PT-100 sensors. You can specify a pre-set and cooking time for your cooked product, heating is controlled via a control unit.

Please note our wide range of accessories such as different CNS (chromium nickel steel) baskets, additional measurement options and acquisition of data, which can subsequently be transferred to your PC via USB cable for evaluation.

The PRAKTIK kettle autoclave works well in conjunction with the PRAKTIK cooking kettle, which is used mainly for cooking.

PRAKTIK technical data sheet

VOSS autoclave type 43.1 and 43.2

You are looking for a compact autoclave that sterilises its products – just like the larger variants? This is a job for our 43.1 and 43.2 series units in cascading and full-water modes, tried and tested for years as a stationary unit. Its compact and self-supporting stainless steel design and seamlessly welded kettle components allow maximum safety during pasteurisation and sterilisation. The 43.1 sprinkler autoclave is predestined for the sterilisation of packaged products.

These systems are designed to meet the challenges of industrial kitchens and the food industry as well as for the special requirements of delicatessen and frozen foods manufacturers.

The process is controlled automatically by a programmable motion control unit. The autoclaves are equipped with an integrated special centrifugal pump and a special pipe system, so that the water also effectively arrives where it should at the full-water autoclave. The circulation of process water 15 times per minute ensures optimum heat distribution. The unit operates at temperatures of up to 121 degrees Celsius and a pressure of up to 2.5 bar.

Typ 43.1 technical data sheet    Typ 43.2 technical data sheet

STERIFLOW cascading autoclaves

The future-oriented technology in our sterilising systems is based on cross-border expertise. We cooperate with Stériflow Paris and are a leading European supplier. This partnership enables us to offer large industrially-oriented solutions that are unrivalled.

The Steriflow cascading autoclaves are built with a cylinder diameter of 900 to 2300 mm to meet your individual requirements. Loading with 1 to 8 baskets can even be semi or fully automatic; we can, of course, also supply the fully compatible loading and unloading stations.

All sterilisation data can be sent via an Ethernet connection to be stored and evaluated centrally on a server. We provide completely customisable solutions for your needs.

STERIFLOW cascading autoclave technical data sheet

STERISTEAM steam autoklaves

A product sometimes needs to be sterilised using the steam air method. This calls for the STERISTEAM steam autoclave, which is used for very efficient and profitable sterilisation and pasteurisation of packaged products of all kinds: meat, sausage, baby food, prepared dishes, fruit and vegetables, pet food, etc.

Especially suitable for all foods in foil and stand-up pouches, the steam/air autoclaves consume less energy than conventional autoclaves using the full or half-water immersion method. And they even boast shorter cycle times. Their volume and capacity are identical to STERIFLOW cascading autoclaves.

STERISTEAM steam autoclave technical data sheet

Loading accessories

We naturally also supply the appropriate loading accessories for all our autoclaves, from smaller baskets for kettle autoclaves to larger ones for industrial use. Loading trolleys are extremely easy to drive in and out, either via a fixed ramp or an integrated drive-in folding ramp.

All loading and unloading stations are made entirely of stainless steel and suitable for tins, glass jars and plastic bottles. The stations can be free-standing. The standard version comes equipped with a manually operated directional control valve. We can also deliver your station equipped with an electrically-actuated directional control valve. Two-handed operation using so-called push-buttons is also available on request.

Photo of a crane systemOur table variants, whether as accumulation tables for accumulating tins and jars into a complete layer and for buffering when baskets are changed, as discharge tables for separating the products and as turntables for separating and flipping tins over can be completely customised to meet your individual needs. All tables are self-supporting and made entirely of stainless steel. The conveyor belts are made of plastic that is gentle on the product and can be equipped with height-adjustable stoppers and pushers for product placement on the discharge table. The tables are designed in different sizes to meet your needs.

All perforated baskets are provided with an unlocked lifting traverse for a crane system on site. Using a central crane system it is possible to use several baskets within one kettle unit. Either  slewing or linear crane: there are various options to meet your requirements. Simply talk to us – we´ll be happy to provide consulting for your current projekt.

Cooling water systems

Our cooling water systems for autoclaves speak for themselves: they can be freely selected for volume, power and placement.

A separate steel construction is required for the cooling tower and all connections can be variably positioned. All you need is a footing for the tank and for the cooling tower. The powerful pumps are designed in exact accordance with the required volume.

Thanks to pre-assembly in the factory, the time and effort required for installation on your premises is minimal. All connections can be adapted to the local structural conditions. Thanks to their large inspection openings, our systems are very maintenance-friendly. Your very own control cabinet allows adjustments and expansions to be made without problems.

Loud or quiet? There’s no doubt about it: even without a muffler they are very quiet at 54 dB(A).