VOS Schott – a dynamic traditional enterprise

More than 170 years of experience characterise the company VOS Schott in Butzbach in central Hesse. The company’s history stands for continuous new and further technological developments, marketing experience, flexibility and much more. The cross-generational team works together for our customers, operates dynamically and enthusiastically, and dares to try new things. The whole team is the driving force behind the company. Power, experience and modern knowledge come together as one.

It all started with cooking, curing and baking. Today, the focus at VOS Schott is on the delivery of customized production lines for the thermal treatment of foodstuffs, PET food and pharmaceuticals. Concept development, individual consulting, installation, maintenance and other services are the focus of commercial activities

chart of the VOSS team with words like respect, motivation, authority and so onThe team today at VOS Schott GmbH has 19 employees in sales, technology and administration, direct customer contact and back office.

Everyone pulls together – with full force towards the future and success. For you as our customers and for us as your service provider.

Motivation, flexibility, inquisitiveness, appreciation and visions characterize us as a team. Of course, we build on the strong technical know-how of our employees, their professional experience and innovative spirit. For us,
young professionals are the guarantor of cross-generational cooperation – staying human, technical, and formative.

Everyone at VOS Schott is committed to this.

Angelika Freier | CEO

… oversees business administration. In addition to marketing and human resources, the educated management expert handles all the controlling tasks.

My job is to ensure a good relationship and coming together in our company and provide a successful collaboration in our team and with our partners.“

Philipp Meinecke | CTO

… is our CTO with procuration and our team captain for the technical team with a view to the future! As a state certified technician for mechanical engineering he is the first contact for all technical details.

I‘m fascinated with realising projects that fit customers questions to practical solutions. I‘m happy to put this into practice with VOS Schott.“

Dirk Paasche | COO

… navigates the team with experience and know-how. He stands for the companies structural development and ensures remaining on course successfully.

„Decades of experience coupled with youthful enthusiasm. Interesting and innovative products for exciting markets. I can’t imagine anything better than working in such a team.“

Markus Deg | Technology + Service

… leads our service team as a trained electrical assembly operator. From youngster to keyplayer within three years.

I really like working in our team. We fit perfectly and hold together.“

Kai Bergner | Distribution

… your main contact in case of project management questions and your connection to all technical departements.

Teamwork means to me, realizing successes together with all our business partners.“

Hans Bernhardt | Technology + Service

… has been on the road at all times as a service technician for VOSS and Steriflow autoclaves, smoke systems and industrial cooking kettles. His years of experience help him satisfy all customer wishes.

Along with my colleague Uwe, I am one of the veterans here at VOS Schott. But that doesn’t matter. I suppose I haven’t been here so long for nothing.“

Uwe Spieß | Technology + Service

… starts from the beginning as a service technician for VOSS autoclaves, smoke systems and industrial cooking kettles. In addition to installing these systems, he is also involved in final assembly at the VOSS factory.

The wild youngsters in the VOSS-Team are fun to work with!“

Paul Gretenkord | Technology + Service

… a real „lucky strike“ for our team. The trained chipping technician always is out and about in the matter of calibration and service. And always prepared for new challenges.

I’m fascinated in working in different technologies.“

Stefan Fischer | Technology + Service

… convinces by engagement and professional knowledge as a service technician in electrical engineering.

Exciting tasks make life more interesting.“

Jan-Philipp Weber | Assembly

… pulled up: After years of training and learning within the VOSS Team he now reinforces our Team as specialist metal technology.

„The most fun for me are the welding- and construction orders. It is never the same and never boring. I’m happy to be a part of the VOSS team and hope it stays that way.

Stanis Kaleta | Assembly

… is our versatile mechanic who helps out anywhere the service team needs a helping hand. He is our allrounder and he is always at the right place at the right time.

At the end of a day I like to see that everything is ok.“

Photo of Solomon Thekleheimanot

Solomun Tekleheimanot | Assembly

… works as a mechanic in our team, after he successfully completed his “specialist metal technology” training.

I’m happy to continue my professionel training.“

Claudia Cyrus | Office

… manages the customer service and spare parts supply. Also she assists the sales department and offers solutions for any themes.

I think it’s great to face new challenges time and again and be able to help out. There’s never a boring moment for me here!“

Tanja Pfitzner| Office

… is actually in parental leave.

Foto von Hannah Stillger

Hannah Pauline Stillger | Office

Our Newcomer – As trainee for industrial manager she brings a breath of fresh air into our team. I’m happy to start my training. Actually everything is new and I’m curious about following month.“

Harry Sehrt | Office

… is our all-rounder. He looks after our vehicle fleet, runs errands and is responsible for organising the warehouse. He coordinates the supply of spare parts and sets up our trade show booths. Our model of calmness and diligence.

„Vehicles are all broken down, go get Harry now. I like that. I also like to help set up the trade show booths.“

Tanya Diker | Office

… helps out with any office work. Whether assisting with the shipment of spare parts, general organisational work or helping out where required: she is always where we need her to be. Moreover, she is always friendly and well-adjusted, without exception.

„The two days a week here are truly fulfilling. It’s a lot of fun to work here and to be part of it all.“

Dieter Schott

… has time for his numerous leisure activities now.