Photo of electrical connections for the VOSS controlling system


Controlling & calibrating!

The demands on today’s systems for the thermal treatment of food, pet food and pharmaceuticals are enormous: precision, continuity and safety are top priorities during the production process. Semi and fully automatic control units must be adapted to different production processes and work accurately. They are part of our standard equipment. The individual components can, of course, be replaced, supplemented and upgraded.


Reproducing and controlling procedures
– your customised process control!


Many production processes require control engineering solutions that are often limited to temperature and pressure settings along with the corresponding determination of measured values. Besides the usual hand thermometers, our semi-automatic Unitron control systems are also used here. They have to indicate temperatures very precisely and ensure this even during periods of high demand and continuous operation. Cooking, smoking and roasting or frying processes require the maintenance of certain core temperatures. Our control units measure very precisely in this case too. The data obtained can then be visualised and displayed on a computer. For the next production run.

There is an increasing trend towards full automation. We develop solutions for your process that ensure the best results even with respect to sustainability. For example, we developed a cooling water control with heat recovery, which regulates the processes via a Unitron programmable motion controller. The process data can be networked and stored on a server. It can then be accessed by different departments (purchasing, production, warehousing and shipping) with their respective requirements. Continuous monitoring and intervention is possible by visualising the data even during the process.

We would also be happy to equip your existing systems with modern controls that meet contemporary requirements. We would be happy to give you advice on this!

If you have questions about this, please send us a short e-mail or give us a call: Tel. +49 6033 91900.


Accuracy is the crucial factor when it comes to measuring temperature. Certain conditions must be met to ensure this. Firstly, to calibrate in accordance with accreditation by the Federal Physical-Technical Institute (PTB) and the German Calibration Service (DKD) you need a so-called “Werks-Normal” (factory standard). Secondly, you must have certification of competence to log the measured values. VOS Schott has both and – thanks to its many years of experience in this field – can detect deviations from standard values and recalibrate.

If you decide to go with us, we provide you the certainty of always being able to monitor your temperatures. Your operations managers and shift foremen must also be able to count on the hand thermometers also being calibrated correctly.

We calibrate both on your premises or in our test lab. We would be happy to arrange an appointment for you to visit us. We look forward to seeing you!

If you have questions about this, please send us a short e-mail or give us a call: Tel. +49 6033 91900.