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Cooking kettles

Cooking, air-conditioning, roasting, baking, or smoking?

The variety of VOSS systems are the solution for your application. Our experience is reflected in the sophisticated technology you see deployed here. All VOSS universal systems are available in compact or modular construction, with vertical or horizontal air flow, as a single unit, multiple units or a flow unit in individualised sizes and lengths. As the customer, you can also define – based on use – combinable equipment options regarding the treatment method, heating type, smoke generation or control system. We supply to meet your demands! In addition to our smoking, baking and cooking systems, which can be transported across the floor, we offer our Solid and Praktik kettle variants with nominal capacities from 200 to 1,000 l. You can choose the best heating type and size for your business! We supply according to your needs here too.


Our solutions are available precisely tailored to your application!

VOSS SOLID cooking kettles

Meat processing plants, industrial kitchens as well as delicatessen and frozen food manufacturers, in particular, need cooking kettles that can withstand commercial and industrial requirements. They must be compact and universal and at the same time highly efficient and energy-saving

Our many years of practical experience in this specialized area has stood the test of time, because of both SOLID cooking kettles are perfectly equipped for individual cooking processes. They both are available as a mobile or stationary variant. They can also be optionally delivered with a switch box for wall mounting. They come with either plastic or aluminium floating sieves. 

The SOLID cooking kettle is characterised by its versatile variants. Whether it’s a matter of dimensions or heating requirements: we can meet all your needs. When heating with gas, a high-performance forced draught burner offering optimal heat transfer and low NOx emission is used, for example. The SOLID 125 cooking kettle forms a good partnership with the type 43.1 sprinkler autoclave, the 43.2 kettle autoclave and the SOLID 100 with the PRAKTIK autoclave! Try it out!

Kochkessel SOLID100 technical data sheet
Kochkessel SOLID125 technical data sheet

We can offer following used cooking kettle: