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Apprenticeship or already experienced?

As a family-run business, we offer trainees and experienced staff an interesting working environment. Our business area’s versatility always involves innovative changes. Flexibility is thus required in each of our fields of work. Our customers come from Europe and around the world. Business fluent German and English skills are thus a requirement and French language skills are also an asset. We are, however, willing to enhance possibly lacking language skills through seminars and practical work. We are always pleased to receive interested applicants, whether as trainees, graduates, experienced staff, lateral recruits or inexperienced staff. We are happy to offer internships to interested pupils and students. Apply by e-mail directly via the respective announcement. If you have additional personnel questions, click here.

Welcome to our team!

Internship – in 2018 –

We offer these as three-week pupil internships or pupil/student internships lasting several months.

The prerequisite for the commercial and technical area is an interest in technology.

We expect a friendly, open and communicative manner.