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Profit from our experience and specialist knowledge

Our years and decades of business relationships with our customers speak for the services offered by VOS Schott. Our spectrum of customers: large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, quality-conscious specialist companies, the food industry, pet-food manufacturers and also pharmaceutical companies. Our core services are thermal treatments, process optimisation and implementation support. Do you have very specific technical requirements? Then arrange an appointment for an individual consultancy session. We are particularly happy to devote ourselves to special tasks, including individually tailored project planning. Our development laboratory is of course also available to you.


We warmly welcome you.


You’ve got a business idea and your first thoughts about implementing it. But the big breakthrough idea has yet to emerge.

Whether you wish to expand your production facilities or restructure them, extend your product range, modernise process control systems or undertake building works – we will be happy to advise and support you.

First we meet and discuss the options. Then we will draw up an individual concept for you and examine with you when, how and to what extent we can realise it together. This consultation can take place either at our headquarters in central Hessen or on your company premises, whichever you prefer.

Technical center

To ensure that a production system can run smoothly and maintain consistently good results, every production step must be optimised. The practicability of each step must be ensured both in terms of the choice of machinery and from the the product perspective. The theoretical planning of production sequences and their simulation with appropriate software is the first step. The second, equally important step is to test the whole thing in advance, live in a production environment. For this purpose we offer you the use of our technical center. There you can discover which plant and which thermal process is the best for your requirements, what throughput per minute or per hour you should strive for and various other factors.

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Different control options allow, for example, intervention in production processes already running in order to optimise particular steps and to evaluate the consequences straight away. In this way we simulate differentiated production steps together with you that facilitate your decision-making. We can also demonstrate to you, with glass capping and can seaming machines from our partners Emerito and Somme, how bottling, capping and subsequent sterilising can be set up for your products in time and quantity terms.


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Project planning

We are with you through all stages of project planning. This begins – if you wish – from the planning phase itself.

Beginning from the requirements profile, we work with you as a team to design the best possible process sequence. Here the site conditions play as important a role as the installation of a workflow orientated towards success.

Making the correct equipment decisions is the crux of the matter, to ensure that the system produces successfully and using up-to-date methods. We provide you with suitable modules and control equipment, including the maintenance appropriate to the service life of the system.

If adaptations to new market conditions are necessary after commissioning, we will develop and install the relevant components for you.

We are also happy to retrofit your existing systems with up-to-date control equipment designed for future conditions.

And to make sure that your employees are able to work confidently with the new components from the outset, our service package also includes comprehensive training for your team. We come to you to provide this. We are also happy to provide additional training, for example for new employees.


Regular maintenance, calibration, repairs, technical updates – our service includes all this and more.

rapid dispatch service for parts and an on-site service ensure that your system will never be down for long.

Our aim: processes that are as problem-free as possible, through direct, personal service. This is what we set out to do.


Accuracy is the crucial factor when it comes to measuring temperature. Certain conditions must be met to ensure this. Firstly, to calibrate in accordance with accreditation by the Federal Physical-Technical Institute (PTB) and the German Calibration Service (DKD) you need a so-called “Werks-Normal” (factory standard). Secondly, you must have certification of competence to log the measured values. VOS Schott has both and – thanks to its many years of experience in this field – can detect deviations from standard values and recalibrate.

If you decide to go with us, we provide you the certainty of always being able to monitor your temperatures. Your operations managers and shift foremen must also be able to count on the hand thermometers also being calibrated correctly.

We calibrate both on your premises or in our test lab. We would be happy to arrange an appointment for you to visit us. We look forward to seeing you!

If you have questions about this, please send us a short e-mail or give us a call: Tel. +49 6033 91900.