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Universal units

Cooking, air-conditioning, roasting, baking, or smoking?

The variety of VOSS systems are the solution for your application. Our experience is reflected in the sophisticated technology you see deployed here. All VOSS universal systems are available in compact or modular construction, with vertical or horizontal air flow, as a single unit, multiple units or a flow unit in individualised sizes and lengths. As the customer, you can also define – based on use – combinable equipment options regarding the treatment method, heating type, smoke generation or control system. We supply to meet your demands! In addition to our smoking, baking and cooking systems, which can be transported across the floor, we offer our Solid and Praktik kettle variants with nominal capacities from 200 to 1,000 l. You can choose the best heating type and size for your business! We supply according to your needs here too.


Our solutions are available precisely tailored to your application!

VOSS smoking and cooking systems

With our smoking and cooking systems, you are prepared for all eventualities! Whether cooking to 80°C, hot-steaming, braising or cooking to 90°C, preserving, convection baking and roasting, ripening, reddening, drying or smoking. With additional equipment, you can even air-condition in the 18 to 30°C temperature range. All heating types can be freely selected; standard systems come equipped with an electric heating package with a low connected value, to ensure optimal control behaviour.

When it comes to smoking, you can decide whether you want to carbonise sawdust or wood chips or prefer using a frictional smoke system or even liquid smoke. Just as you wish. Simply ask us and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Individual process control allows you to control and reproduce your procedures. Choose between a standard semi-automatic standard control and fully automatic programmable motion control – just as you wish!

Smoking and cooking systems technical data sheet

We can offer following used cooking kettle:

Smoke generator

Our VOSS smoke generator refines your foods. The final product should be something special: good ham, smoked sausage or smoked salmon all have different requirements with respect to the treatment atmosphere. Our different smoke generation variants offer you a large variety of smoking methods that leave nothing to be desired.

Programmable motion controlled procedures help you always keep your smoking process under control and mean you can also rely on us in terms of safety: as experts in the matter, we regularly conduct control measurements in accordance with the safety regulations for smoking systems. Our ultra-modern technology and the corresponding service thus ensure that you are always on the safe side with us.

Smoke generator technical data sheet

VOSS roasting and baking systems

When it comes to roasting, baking and braising, our roasting and baking systems are the perfect solution. Temperatures of 100 to 250°C, up to 220°C for hot air, are designed for the entire roasting and baking range of butcher’s shops, party service, caterers and industrial kitchens. Our Convair CH 4 already shows its full capacities in low-temperature cooking from 50°C.

In addition to various grille sizes from 530 x 325 mm up to 1100 x 600 mm, you can choose between ovens with baking sheet loading and our baking systems that can be transported across the floor. The horizontal air flow for the variant that can be transported across the floor makes for ideal roasting and baking results. 

Our ovens also come equipped with state-of-the-art technology when it comes to process control: menu-driven, individualised programs with real-time control, moisture-proof membrane keypad and manual control. “Cook & hold” and “party” are additional functions. This ensures the excellent and consistent quality of your final product.

Convair technical data sheet

The technical data sheet for baking systems will be here soon!
If you have questions about this, please send us a short e-mail or give us a call: Tel. +49 6033 91900. 

We can offer following used cooking kettle: